Submission Guidelines

How To Submit and Share Your Fonts

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Make sure you have all the font and source files, then decide on the license you want to use for the font files, and apply it to your font files.

  1. Ensure you named your font family correctly, and that the license is specified in the font metadata. If your font is derived from another free font, under most licenses you have to come up with a new name.

  2. Write a fontlog.txt, giving a summary of the font family's history
  3. Create an attractive sample image to show off your fonts in use (PNG or JPEG)
  4. Finally, put all of the files (fonts, fontlog.txt and sample images) into a ZIP file

Then go to the Upload form and give your font family a title, add a short description, select a category, chose your ZIP file, and click the upload button. That's it!

Remember, the fonts you upload will be immediately available for everyone to use. When you choose the license, you are declaring that the font files only contain things that

  • you hold the copyright for (usually because you designed them), or
  • are licensed to you under a free software license, such as the Open Font License.

The Font Library stores your uploaded files in a font family. The family keeps related font files together for ease of reference. For example, it could contain the regular, bold and italic variants, or it could contain a regular and a distorted variant. To give visitors easy access, it is best to add all the variants into one font family.

You can add the license to each font file itself easily with FontForge. We recommend including as much font metadata inside your font files as possible.