Existing Libre/Open Fonts

This list of fonts could be used as a guide for working with creators and or as a list to bring into Font Library. Interested in joining the effort?

Libre/Open Fonts

Please link to any existing Libre/Open Fonts you may find on the web - they can be under any license as long as its a free software license like the OFL, GPL with exception or MIT/X11/Expat!

Individuals Fonts

  • UNB Pro and UNB Office, extensively reworked derivatives of the RedHat Liberation family by Amsterdam-based Gustavo Ferreira - GPLv2+FE can't access website
  • Itzadoke OFL check old OFLB
  • iStok - GPL+FE








  • Dustimo had some GPL fonts, but the .com is down. fonts-ttf-dustismo packages are around and need tracking down.
  • Font Catalogue need investigating near the end.
  • MgOpen is Times New Roman, Optima, Helvetica and VW Rounded with Latin and Greek Glyphs. All fonts with glyphs for the monotoniko system, and one also with glyphs for polytoniko (Open Source License modeled after Bitstream Vera's)
  • Rogier van Dalen has made two excellent fonts similar to Verdana and Garamond (GPL)
  • Red Hat's Liberation fonts are designed to be metrically compatible with Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New
  • PS/QS
  • [1] NanumGothic Coding Font (OFL). Extremely professional monospaced font, has a line height that fits the Korean Hangul script. Was commissioned by Naver, a large Korean portal.
  • Aenigma 465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kent, in a Debian package
  • Character's Fonts Most (though not all) are Public Domain

Collections, Lists

Embrace Ubuntu list
Wikipedia's list
Fedora Fonts Wishlist and Duffys Fonts Page list libre/open fonts and fedora has a list of packaged fonts too has a fonts category
TP on Vintage Sans Serifs
Luc's List
Google's font Directory You can't downlaod the font's here, but the mostly OFL fonts are available on the designers websites and setup for web embedding.


Here is a list of scans of typefaces that could be turned into wonderful libre/open fonts:

Please note the TypeRight ethical guide to revivals.

The San Francisco Public Library has an excellent collection of type founder's specimen books.

People also have a list of people to contact.
Debian Weekly News in 2002 listed a bunch of people

Pixel Fonts

Classic X11 6x10 Font For Windows (unknown)
X Windows Fonts for MS Windows ("Free To Use")
A list of Programmer Fonts to look into
AliasFonts at Orgdot - very cool
Debian package xfonts-artwiz
The original Mac distribution of Bitstream Charter contains pixel versions—both regular, bold and bold italic!

Freeware Fonts

Please link to any existing "freeware" fonts you may find on the web that despite being proprietary may be friendly to the Library - these are fonts you typically do not need to pay money to receive, and may or may not come with a license that grants other essential freedoms like redistributing the font and modifying it, but does not fit the free software definition in some way. We will try to persuade these fonts' developers to "Go OFL!"

40 Sans Freeware fonts
15 handwriting freeware fonts
Fresh freware fonts
25 freeware techno fonts
30 best freeware fonts
65 best freeware fonts
Conglomerfont is a weird display collaborative font
Klein is a huge foundry of freeware fonts
The Font Library links to us and others - 20 fonts whose authors need contacting to go OFL :-) - 17 more! - 380 freeware fonts!
Free Handwriting fonts - Font Garden
40 freeware fonts
Coptic fonts intended as free software not not yet properly licensed
List of 20 good ones Lists fonts for CSS3 font linking
Tire Shop demo
20 freeware serif fonts
Math fonts
Toms doodle fonts lists freeware fonts
Handwriting fonts


Please list foundries to contact and ask if they have any 'off cuts' or fonts they don't earn much from any more, and if they'd like to OFL them; Many foundries offer "freemium" fonts such as Carrois and these might be a good place to start.