Features List

List of features for each user level


Visitors can sign-up/become a member by simply entering a username, password, email, name, and captcha; view the font catalogue, font page, member profiles if a member has not uploaded any fonts, that member's profile should read 'IT LOOKS LIKE ((USERNAME)) MEMBER HASN'T UPLOADED ANY FONTS YET.'


Members can view profile, which contains date of membership, username, real name if a member has not yet uploaded a font, he should see a message welcoming him to do so if a member has uploaded one or more fonts, they should be listed on his profile page edit profile, which allows member to update information (e.g. password, email, real name) create a font the upload font feature allows a member to upload a font file (.zip only) and designate it with a name, contributor, description if a member has a font that is hidden, broken, flagged or expunged then: on the font page they should see: FONT STATUS This font is currently under review. It has been flagged as ((font status)). on their profile page, they should see: FONT STATUS The following fonts are currently under review. ((font name)) ((font status)) view 'free font license' guidelines join mailing list find irc channel

All Users

All users can search the site via the search box at top/right of page toggle between five of the 'Featured Fonts' view 'Latest Fonts' and interact with 'Latest Fonts' by typing in one's own text to 'change the preview text' browse the complete catalog browsing complete catalog includes the following features: preview mode in word/sentence/paragraph; ability to personalize 'preview text'; scaleable text-size via slide-bar; browse the Guidebook and its pages utilize 'Search page, which features 'Categories' (font types categorized and numbered) and 'Licenses' (license types categorized and numbered) utilize 'password recovery' feature at sign-in page


Librarians, Secretaries and Administrators can view 'Dashboard' which lists System Administrators/Secretaries/Librarians/Members in addition to User/Font stats and Featured/Flagged Fonts


Librarians can edit font info for all fonts, including font status fonts set to 'featured' will show up in the carousel on the home page


Secretaries can edit user info for all users

System Administrators

System Administrators can change the usergroup of any user (however an Admin cannot change his/her own group)