Font Packaging

This page deals with all distribution-related topics.

Font archive naming

If the font has a suitable license and gets accepted to Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora, for example, it will acquire a name of the form ttf-foundryname-fontfamilyname"

The actually package could be (or ttf-oflb-myfont.1.0.7z, or ttf-oflb-myfont.1.0.tar.gz)

The package should contains as much of the extended font source as possible.

Regarding the version numbers please follow the binary version field in the ttf itself.

Font Headers

TrueType and Postscript fonts possess headers which can bear meta information. Amongst others, there are standard fields for

  • creator
  • creation date
  • copyright
  • trademark
  • notice/description
  • designer
  • designer url
  • vendor
  • url
  • license
  • license url
  • version
  • truetype version record
  • truetype vendor code
  • font creation date

and several more.

Packaging is best left to distro teams like the Fedora font SIG and the Debian font task force but encouraging designers uploading to Font Library to follow best practises will help everyone.