Knowledge Resources

General Resources

Type and Media's links
TypoWiki (de) - open typography resource (in German)
Linotype Font Lounge
Typophile - extensive forum and wiki for type design and font technology
Type Designers Club Type Dictionary - a dictionary of type design terminology
Wikipedia's List of Type Designers
FontZone articles
FontShop's "Font" magazine (with full PDF downloads)
ATypI member's mailing list archives

How To Design New Type

Type Cooker by Erik van Blokland (made for the "MA Type & Media" course at the Royal Academy in Den Haag) generates ideas for making type, and has some great notes about how to do it!
WAD to RR: a letter about designing type by Dwiggins in 1940
TypeCulture Academic Resources - fresh academic essays on type
Sketching Type
KLTF Notes - (technical) notes on font production


James Mosley's blog - a great historian of typeface design
Typblography - the blog of Adobe’s Type Development Team
Phinney on Fonts - the blog of Thomas Phinney (Extensis, formerly Adobe) on fonts and typography with attention towards new technologies like web fonts
Typographer Typographica - review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design

Specifications and Standards

FontForge Developer Mailing List has lots of people who know about these issues. Unicode has an official website, but the decodeunicode site may also be useful; it's an open database that gives an overview of the whole unicode character range.

Other suggestions:
Adobe's Type1 Font Format Specification (pdf)
SVG Font Format Specification
Panose-1 Type Classification Specification
Adobe's introduction to OpenType
Microsoft's OpenType specification

Font Management

FontMatrix Scribus Wiki: Installing Fonts

Font Technology

Freetype Project
Pango Project
The Linux Documentation Project Font-HOWTO
about.com Fonts 101
xml.com: SVG and Typography
comp.fonts FONT FAQ - comprehensive, but last updated in 1996