KNOTS Zoo Dark

  • obooohohobobohohoioboooiobooooohOHOOOXOBOXOXOBOXOOOHZ
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KNOTS Zoo Teeth

  • obooohohobobohohoioboooiobooooohOHOOOXOBOXOXOBOXOOOHZ
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KNOTS Zoo Holy

  • obooohohobobohohoioboooiobooooohOHOOOXOBOXOXOBOXOOOHZ
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KNOTS Zoo Rustic

  • obooohohobobohohoioboooiobooooohOHOOOXOBOXOXOBOXOOOHZ
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OFL (SIL Open Font License)
Knots Zoo is a Unicode typeface family. If you are testing the sample text, you can use the ligatures: Just type any combination of the five structural letters "HIBOX" in groups of four. Each letter will draw an edge (going clockwise, starting at the top of the character, so: Top, Right, Bottom, Left) - and represents a different edge to the knotwork, where H for "Head" I for "Straights", B for "Beak", O for nothing, and X for "Twists". For example, try typing "oboooooh" The characters use the Box Drawings Code Page U+2500 through U+257F in a creative manner, which allows for the analysis and representation of celtic knotwork. There is no 'empty' character in the Box Drawings Page, so I have used U+2573 for that purpose. The Zoomorphs (animal-like ornaments) are directly accessible in the U+E100 to U+E600 Private Use Area, However, they are also available as ligatures, such that a knot may easily be typed out on any text editor that supports ligatures. Full instructions (and working code in Python), as well as the iOS installer, is available on Apart from this minor deviations the glyphs, although apparently different, match the purpose of Box Drawings Characters semantically and syntactically. The zip file includes sample images, text, and example c++ source code for generating complex knot patterns. Note that this work took a lot of time to develop. The work is shared under the OpenSIL and the copyleft GPL3.0 license. You have a perpetual license to use the font as it is, but if you believe in kudos, then it's always a bonus to be credited.
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Usar esta fuente

Para usar esta fuente en tu sitio web, agrega el siguiente código en la sección head de tu página html:

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="" type="text/css"/>

Ahora puedes usar esta fuente en tu archivo css. He aquí un ejemplo de párrafo escrito con KNOTS Zoo Dark.

p {
   font-family: 'KNOTSZooDark';
   font-weight: normal;
   font-style: normal;

If you are interested in working on KNOTS, please read our guide on how to contribute to an existing font.

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