Hello, welcome to the Guidebook.

This is essentially a "How-to" guide for anything and everything you could possibly need or want regarding Font Library. To make things easy to digest, we separated all the pages into three categories: Contribute, Information and Technical.

The Contribute category offers everything you will need to know to get involved in Open Font Library. As far as designing fonts this includes: how to actually design a font, what formats and licenses are supported, and how to submit and update them when finished.

But if designing isn't your thing, you can always help out by becoming a translator.

The Information section provides useful information for brushing up on general font knowledge. This includes book recommendations, knowledge resources, and an explanation of what in the world free/open fonts actually are.

Lastly, the Technical section is for all you hardcore font designers. It's similar to the Contribute and Information categories, but everything in Technical is of a more thorough, specific nature. It features more complex information dealing with subjects like collaborative design workflows, how to install the open source font editor FontForge and other software resources, and the specifications of supported licenses and font packaging.

We hope this helps. The Guidebook is meant to make your Font Library experience fun and successful. If it's failing in any way, please let us know - this will help make Font Library better for everyone involved.

Thank you,
The Font Library