Zeshit Book

  • Zeṡit—Am un hjesi da aṡeru
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Zeshit Italic

  • Zeṡit—Am un hjesi da aṡeru
  • OpenType

OFL (SIL Open Font License)
• Update, 11/21/2018, version 1.1. I've redrawn the glyphs and made it a serif font. I've moved the glyphs + h (c+h, d+h, et cetera) to the dot above, and altered the cap height and a few other glyphs. Note: J is its original pronunciation, i.e., it is an "i" with a tail, or for English, it is a "y". X is pronounced "dz", and + h it is pronounced as in (jump, jet, et cetera). • Zeshit is a font of the Galactic/Cosmic tongue, which is called Iirden Las /'iː-ir.den laːs/, or Esteemed Tongue. Many may know the name as Irdin. It is the language of the felines (lions), the dolphins, and the whales, who are mankind's uplifters. It was transliterated, through meditation, by Northern Amerindians from numerous crashed spacecraft. I have included a font log for transliteration into English. The punctuation came from what I remember of this alphabet. Note: The font works fine despite it being unviewable; for some reason, most likely due to it being an unrecognizable alphabet, Font Forge has issues trying to figure out what it is. :) Once installed you can view it.
Keine Sprach-Unterstützung
Teil Sprach-Unterstützung
Basic Latin 96% Fehlende Glyphen: U+0059 (Y), U+0079 (y)

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