New Project Tagline

The new tagline for our project is the following:

FONTLIBRARY: Free Fonts Forever. Our goal is to be a library of all fonts. Join us!

AI Overflow and AI Plans

Where do we go from here? On May 22, we celebrated Bassel Khartabil's 43rd birthday. It made us remember all the great supporters of the project along the way, from the founding by Jon Phillips and Alexandre Prokoudine to next wave of support by Fabricatorz, Bassel Khartabil and Christopher Adams, all the way to Dave Crossland, George Williams, and Ricardo Lafuente and Ana Isabel Carvalho from Manufacture Independente.

Where does Fontlibrary go now in the face of generative ai and the ability to create fonts in seconds from source material. Our strength is in being a source of fonts and information that could fuel future usage and technology. We also have font creators and people using the site that need service. So we focus on these two goals while replacing key technologies created by the late Bassel Khartabil because technology and approaches have changed.

We keep going! We improved our portability by moving to docker and also fixed some issues with disk storage, logging and maintenance thanks to feedback from everyone. Thank you!


The original project was created in 2006 when Alexandre Prokoudine asked Jon Phillips to make a project like Openclipart, but with fonts. Alexandre even had reserved the domain name, which he transferred to Fabricatorz, the host of the project. Later others came along to the project with excitement and contributed so much. We are very thankful to everyone who has shown up along the way.


To make our branding more clear, we are now changing globally to FONTLIBRARY and we ask you to use this in referring to our project moving forward. Thank you.

We Have a Plan

Fontlibrary is being rebuilt with simple technology that may be easily updated. The original code for the website was built with technology built by the late Bassel Khartabil, called Aiki. We are replacing this code in honor or our late friend with pure Fontlibrary code.

Right now there are two servers, one is with the old code and database, all safe! Then there is the new server that is updated with all that we have learned over the years. You are reading this news from the new server.

The next step is we are replacing the login and accounting management code so that fontographers may update information about their fonts.

You cannot believe how much bandwidth is being used by people who are serving fonts directly from our pages, and several of these fonts are out of date! We are working to improve this situation.

We are considering our next steps on the project after the login page and account management. That is why we want to hear from you.

Follow FONTLIBRARY on Nostr

We are now using Nostr for social media. Please follow our active updates there. It is free and open social media that Bassel would have loved!


FONTLIBRARY Donated to the Community

FONTLIBRARY existed in an amorphous state for a number of years. With the establishment of the Fabricatorz Foundation as a 501(c)3 non-profit, FONTLIBRARY, is officially a hosted organization. We look forward to working together with community and patrons to improve this project.

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